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How we do build strong leaders on and off the field? 

What makes a strong leader on the field? How do we build those players? We built Lacrosse Leadership to do just that. Lacrosse Leadership is a hybrid program that involves both on field and classroom training. The simple purpose of the program is to build confident young leaders. The program will help players to better understand what a leader is as well as build self-awareness of their own personal leadership style with lacrosse being the vehicle. 

How do we do this? 

By bringing in experts who are leaders in their field, not just lacrosse. The leaders, we call Mentors, are passionate and want to share their leadership stories. Our mentors work with likeminded young adults who want to find their leadership style and make a difference. Not everyone can be a leader, however we work with those who strive to be in front of the pack helping others reach our common goals.